Art Brut in Thailand and Japan Exhibition

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    Chulalongkorn University would like to invite all to an art exhibition “Art Brut in Thailand and Japan”, which is collaborative exhibition between leading artists in paintings and sculptures from Thailand, including K. Pasin Singhasaneh and K. Pichaya Lertsapcharoen, and from Japan, including Hidenori MOtooka, Kenichi Yamazaki, Kiyoshi Toya, Masao Obata and Shinichi Sawadaa.

The concept of Art Brut is influenced by a French artist “Jean Debuffet” in 1945. The term refers to work of art outside of the conventional tradition of fine art that is usually created by people who’ve never had a formal training before. For him, Art Brut is a raw expression of overwhelming or pent-up emotions trapped inside of the creators’ minds.

Most of Art Brut works are created by people with intellectual disabilities or mental illnesses. At first, Borderless Art Museum NO-MA has been studying this type of art in Japan then in Thailand in 2015 until this year. The aim of Art Brut exhibition are to make Art Brut more recognizable in a wider range and to provide an opportunity for people with talents but are not yet valued, to present their work of art to the public. Furthermore, it is hoped that this event will help develop cultural exchange activities and strengthen the relationship between Thailand and Japan.

“Art Brut in Thailand and Japan” will be held during 3-26 March 2017. The opening ceremony will take place on the 8th of March 2017 at 4 pm at Changing Exhibition Hall , 1st floor, CU Museum.

Moreover, on March 8th, a symposium will be held at Music Hall, Art and Culture Bldg., at 2 pm. In the symposium, experts from both countries will discuss the topic “Art Brut: when hidden impulses are expressed”, “What sort of potential does this type of art have, which is attracting the attention of welfare institutions in Japan and “Art Brut in depth analysis by experts from Thailand and Japan”.


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