“Chula Smart Lens”: transforming your smartphone’s camera to a portable microscope

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“Chula Smart Lens”  is a creative innovation by Prof.Dr. Sanong Ekgasit,  the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University.  This innovative project, being part of Chula Expo 2017 held during 15-19 March 2017, transforms the inconvenient usage of a traditional microscope, using a clip-on “Smart Lens” with any smartphone’s camera which turns it into a handy mini-microscope, ready to use and convenient to carry around everywhere.

The idea of “Chula Smart Lens” originated from the problem  finding a microscope to use in doing research. Formerly, it could take some time to get a hand on microscopes as they were limited and costly. However, due to the fast-moving smartphone technology, which introduced us to high-resolution screens and cameras, the researchers adapted and developed such idea into “Chula Smart Lens”, resulting in a more convenient alternative to the traditional microscope.

The usage of “Chula Smart Lens” can also be further applied in classroom activities. By using 20x optical zoom in smartphones with Smart Lens, red blood cells become visible and observable, which is a great advantage in the medical field. Furthermore, it is applicable to livestock industry as well. Smart Lens can be used to observe shrimp eggs or fish roe. If abnormality is detected, the farm owner can consult with the veterinarian immediately. This helps save time, energy and money, increasing efficiency in monitoring aquatic animal farm and reducing economic/market losses.

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