What is ChAMP?

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ChAMP, or the Chulalongkorn Alumni Mentorship Program, is program organised by the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy of Chulalongkorn University that links top-tier alumni business owners, CEO, CFO, and MD together with academics to mentor current undergraduate students. Top candidates with the most potential are chosen from two rounds of mentee selection. The program offers a platform for alumni volunteers to guide students in life goals, career path and in depth learning. Mentees will be able to develop their skills in various areas and add value to pursuit of their career aspirations through activities and constructive feedback.

Mentorship is a concept that is widely applied in the world’s leading universities as well as public and private organisations. The Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University Business School considers itself the first higher education institute in Thailand to start an effective mentorship program model under ChAMP.

What results do ChAMP expect?

ChAMP expects mentees to gain valuable learning through alumni experience and knowledge. ChAMP hopes that students will be able to advance in their career path and become productive alumni. Mentees should be able to share their experiences with their juniors and future generations as well as play an important part in the development of society and the nation.

How does ChAMP operate?

ChAMP is driven by members of the program board elected from the faculty, and it includes alumni volunteers of top-level management or those with outstanding academic backgrounds.

Interesting Facts

  • The program has received more than 500 applicants within three years.
  • There are a total of over 150 mentees who have joined the program during these three years.
  • The program has created self-development awareness for more than 1,000 student applicants through career development activities such as CHANCE by ChAMP and extensive career roundtables.
  • ChAMP has built a network of mentees who have adopted an ideology to share with future generations.
  • The program has been presented as a case study under the topic of Alumni Mentorship at an international conference in Japan.
  • In cooperation with Chulalongkorn University Business School, ChAMP hosted a special keynote lecture under the topic “Honesty and Success” presented by Chuan Leekpai, Thailand’s former prime minister.





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