Chula student-cum-actress Wins Rising Star Asia Award

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“Taking every opportunity that comes your way can really be way beyond your expectations,” said Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, or Aokbab,  a student in the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University who is also a famous  actress, best known for her role as “Lynn”, a straight-A student in the Thai film “Chalard Games Gong”. or “Bad Genius”. For her beautiful portrayal of a mysterious character, Aokbab was presented the Screen International Rising Star Asia award, at the 16th New York Asian Film Festival.

Aokbab explained how she didn’t expect to get this role as there were many other experienced and talented actors who came to audition. But because she’d read the screenplay and really got into the plot, she tried her best and was finally chosen to play the role of ‘Lynn’ as she desired.

Having two part-time jobs as a model and an actress while studying at the same time, especially acting in which Aokbab had no experience, she had to learn to manage her time and be responsible to balance her schedule. The experience and achievement she gained from working while studying are priceless. She expressed her appreciation  for everyone who helped her throughout this journey, saying how she wouldn’t have achieved what she did if it weren’t for them. “Although it can get tough sometimes, I am happy. It’s the first film I ever starred in, and I’ve gained not only invaluable experience, but also important life skills,” she said.

The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University currently offers fours programs, each requiring students to cooperate and work together regularly.  Aokbab shared her opinion about her faculty, saying how studying here has guided her toward a successful career path and prepared her professionally. She’s also gained a great deal frp, the educational style which allows her to think freely and be open-minded, imaginative and creative.

Aokbab sometimes finds herself thinking about her friends who also work and study and says she now better understands how tough this can be. She admires everyone with a dream who’s fighting to pursue it.

Aokbab has designed her life the way she wants, just as her name suggests. Aokbab means to design in Thai. How about you? How have you designed yours so far?

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