The oath of allegiance ceremony for first-year students at Chulalongkorn University

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“The oath of allegiance” ceremony is annually organized for first-year students who come from different backgrounds to cultivate harmony and a common sense of belonging to the university as well as to affirm that the newcomers vow to be good students and mindful citizens of the country.  The taking of the oath before the statues of King Rama V and King Rama VI is done to sanctify the process since the two monarchs were rightly founders of the university and both were revered kings who have done good things for the country.

Also, paying obeisance was uniquely chosen as a way for first-year students to pay respect to their founders because the university was originally established in 1902  as the Royal Pages’ School which evolved into King Chulalongkorn’s Civil Servants School in 1910 and Chulalongkorn University in 1916, in that respective order.  Paying obeisance was the way that the royal pages pay respect to the king so it serves as a reminder for the newcomers of the historic origin of the university.  Hence, this ceremony is regarded as not only auspicious but also historical and holy.

Each year, thousands of first-year students will convene at the lawn in front of the statues of the two monarchs and pay obeisance while taking an oath in unison that they will be good students and will apply the knowledge to develop the country in their best effort.

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