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Center for Thai as a Foreign Language (CTFL) is committed to encouraging and developing all aspects of Thai as a foreign language.


For over 30 years, the faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University has offered a wide selection of Thai language and culture courses for foreigners for various purposes such as academic improvement, business, and personal enrichment. In 2016, the Center for Thai as a Foreign Language also known as CTFL was formally founded.  The CTFL has been established to develop Thai language courses for foreigners and serve as a research and study platform for the teaching of Thai as a foreign language.  The center also aims to offer training programs for teachers in this field and produce teaching materials that suit the needs of the students.


The CTFL provides a variety of Thai language courses for foreigners.  Our two regular courses are the Intensive Thai program and the Communicative Thai for Beginners program.  In addition, we occasionally offer Thai for Mandarin Chinese Speakers Program, Survival Thai for Exchange Students, and private courses. Our long established Thai program focuses on the 4 main language skills  that is listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  We currently offer 9 levels of Thai language instruction, from beginning to advance levels.  Each level consists of 100 hours and a half months to complete.


From Intensive Thai 1 to intensive Thai 3 courses, students learn to communicate in daily conversation.  They also learn to read and write in basic Thai. More than 500 vocabulary items in various domains such as number, occupations, food, hobbies, sports, and travel are introduced, along with basic sentence structures and commonly used expressions.  Student at the intermediate levels, Intensive Thai 4 to Intensive Thai 6, learn to express their ideas and share their thoughts on more complicated topics both in speaking and in writing.  Discussion topics include history, biography of influential figures, beliefs, economy, and current news.  In addition, complex Thai grammatical issues are also elaborated upon.


The advanced levels, Intensive Thai 7, Intensive Thai8, and Intensive Thai9, make use of real life materials in class. Students continue to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through exposure with the Thai language in different contexts and genres.  Students are encouraged to participate in discussions of social and cultural issues, and practice report writing and classroom presentation in Thai.  In addition to learning the Thai language, students can engage in cultural exploration through participation in extracurricular activities and sightseeing trips offered by the CTFL.


For students with little or no background knowledge of the Thai language, the Communicative Thai for Beginners Program or CTB offers evening and weekend classes with an emphasis on improving listening and speaking skills. Phonetic alphabet in the form of Roman letters is used as an instructional tool.  The CTB has 3 levels. Each level consists of 40 hours of instruction and assessment. Upon completion, students will gain mastery of basic listening and speaking skills required in everyday communication as well as an understanding of Thai culture.  With our years of experience in providing Thai language courses for foreigners, I am certain that CTFL can provide students with an enriching and enjoyable learning environment.  If you are interested in learning Thai, please visit http://www.arts.chula.ac.th/CTFL/




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