CU Ranked 2nd Best Green University in Thailand and Top in Waste and Transportation

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The UI GreenMetric Ranking of World Universities 2017 has placed Chulalongkorn University as the 2nd best green university in Thailand and 90th in the world.  The ranking comprises of 619 institutions from 76 countries worldwide, and CU has received first place in two key indicator categories: waste management and transportation.


CU’s Vice President for Administration, Associate Professor Boonchai Stitmannaithum, explained that Chulalongkorn University received a total of 5,754 points from this year’s UI GreenMetric Ranking.  As usual, the rankings were based on six key criteria, including Setting and Infrastructure (15%), Energy and Climate Change (21%), Water Management (10%), Transportation (18%), Education (18%) and Waste Management (18%).  This year’s scoring, however, is the toughest as universities were asked to provide inclusive data, such as the ratio of renewable energy production towards total energy usage per year.


Chulalongkorn University managed to boost its scoring in four criteria,  including Energy and Climate Change, Waste, Water, and Transportation Managment.  For Transportation, it received the highest rank in Thailand and 25th in the world, with credits given to CU Bike and electric powered shuttle bus, two of the University’s main alternative campus transportation.  Additionally, Chulalongkorn University was ranked 1st in the country and 121st in the world in waste management, mainly due to the “Chula Zero Waste” project, an initiative to reduce plastic bags and waste on campus.


Associate Professor Boonchai added that one limitation for CU was in the Setting and Infrastructure.  Located in the heart of the city, there are limits on the creation of more green space on CU campus.  To improve in this area, the University would need to increase at least 1% of green space on campus, which regrettably is unfeasible.  Nonetheless, the University will continue to develop in other aspects, whether in Water Management or Energy and Climate Change Management.  In terms of Education, which includes environmental and sustainable research and studies, Chulalongkorn University actually offers a variety of courses and research projects that involve environmental consciousness.  Unfortunately, most course titles or research project names may not  directly state a link to environmental awareness.  In the future, more information will be compiled from professors and researchers, improving CU’s ranking in this category.


“Following its centennial strategic plan, Chulalongkorn University has been working to fulfill its mission to become a green sustainable university and has implemented a number of environmentally conscious policies, such as organizing more green space on campus, energy renewal, energy management, waste management, water management, and eco-friendly transportation,” said Associate Professor Boonchai, “the green university ranking received from UI GreenMetric Ranking of World Universities 2017 is an invigorating bonus”.


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