Professor Kasin Suvatabhandhu Herbarium

Location: Botany building, 4th floor, department of botany, faculty of science
Person in Charge: Head department of botany
Tel/Fax: 02-252-7981, 02-252-8979
Opening Time: From 10 AM – 4 PM, everyday except official holidays


Professor Kasin Suvatabhandhu Herbarium was founded in 1982 in commemoration of Professor Kasin Suvatabhandhu, a specialist in plant taxonomy. The objective of this herbarium is to collect and provide information about various plants, and be a botany laboratory.

Exhibited Contents:

Section 1: Displays collections of plants, both dried and liquid-preserved, fruits, seeds, pollens, grains and spores, photographs and drawings of translucent slides, ambers and fossils

Section 2: Laboratory for professors and students, providing books, journals and research documents about botany. It also stores digital database which includes information about ferns, Thai orchids, plants available in the herbarium and poisonous plants

Section 3: Displays assortments of kelp, mildew and lichen

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