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New Stream Frog Found- n Myanmar

World’s New Stream Frog Found in Myanmar:  Chula Researcher Indicates Its Ecosystem Is Intact

A biologist from the Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University working with researchers from Germany and Myanmar has discovered two of the world’s newest stream frogs in Myanmar highlighting the remaining diversity of ecosystems in Southeast Asia and cautions all those involved of the need to conserve our forests before our valuable wildlife become extinct.

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DeepGI AI – A Thai Innovation for the Precision in Colorectal Polyp Detection

Chula Engineering and Chula Medicine co-invent an innovative device for a rapid gastrointestinal cancer detection that yields accurate results hoping to foster preventive medicine in gastrointestinal malignancy and reduce the number of cancer patients.


Government Urged to Protect Riders – A New Economic Base Whose Lives Are Still Precarious and Uninsured

Riders – Heroes – Chains,” a study from Chula that reflects a fast-growing modern workforce, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic but without assurance or protection of their welfare.


A Painless, Micro Injection that You Can Do Yourself with the Latest Chula’s Innovation “Detachable and Dissolvable Microneedles” 

A startup under the umbrella of CU Innovation Hub in collaboration with the Chula Faculty of Science has developed an innovative “Detachable and Dissolvable Microneedle” that makes any injections easy and painless for everyone, while also significantly reducing medical wastes.

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Chula Employs the “Speedboat Strategy” to Drive Innovations for Society

To celebrate its 105th anniversary, Chula President announces the success of the “Speedboat Strategy” in managing the university in a volatile situation to drive social innovations, focusing on being a research university that teaches, revising its curriculum, and building graduates’ competencies in line with the world of the future.

Cultured Pork

“Cultured Pork” — from Lab to Plate — Chula Researcher Hopes to Ensure Future Food Security

A Chula Veterinary Science professor has researched the production of imitation pork from tissue culture of which taste and nutritional value are close to real pork and is prepared to start commercial production hoping to help address future food security challenges.

Terrorism in Urban Society

Terrorism – A Threat for Urban Dwellers Be in the Know, Be on the Lookout for a Safe Society

Chula Political Science Lecturer alerts our society on the dangers of “urban terrorism” and the need to build a knowledge base for crisis management should an incident occur while also proposing that the government should invest in national security.

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Source: Chulalongkorn University Annual Report 2563 B.E.

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