Vision and Strategy


To be the world class national university, generating knowledge and innovation for the creative and sustainable transformation of Thai society.


  1. Create graduates who possess academic knowledge, advanced skills, a sense of public responsibility, and leadership qualities.
  2. Be a pioneer in the development of knowledge, creating innovations for teaching and research.
  3. Produce internationally recognized academic research and output.
  4. Apply knowledge learned towards the sustainable development of the country and society.


The four key strategies:

  1. Human Capital
  2. Knowledge & Innovation
  3. Social Transformation
  4. Global Benchmarking

The action plans:

  1. Develop graduates that are valuable citizens of the country and the world
  2. Extend opportunities to the CU community, the public, and those in need to access any valuable knowledge and available know-how
  3. Encourage the production of academic research, output and creativity that will resolve or are in line with the global issues raised
  4. Push for better education, matching international standards
  5. Improve human resources management and development as well as be the force that drives the nation and society
  6. Connect knowledge and technology from CU to the public, turning theories into practice
  7. Respond to social problems with intellect, welcoming all sectors and standing alongside society
  8. Establish and maintain connections with CU alumni for the benefit of networking and information sharing to the public
  9. Foster and push for innovations that will answer social and technological needs
  10. Cooperate with the state and public sectors to address the issues facing the country and be able to suggest creative solutions
  11. Be transparent, accurate, and efficient
  12. Maintain a pleasant and peaceful learning atmosphere on campus

Chula is the place to discover one’s true individuality and the years I spent here were most enjoyable.

Rossukhon Kongket Alumni, Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University