Faculties and Schools

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences


The nation’s main source of learning and reference for advanced health sciences.

Faculty of Architecture


Widely regarded as one of the best schools to produce graduates with architectural knowledge that meets universal standards, the faculty prepares students to have cultural identity, social responsibility, and professional ethics.

Faculty of Arts


The leading institute that produces and disseminates knowledge about the field of humanities and related disciplines for academics and social knowledge.

Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy


The Pillar of the Kingdom in Business Education

Faculty of Communication Arts


Make the most out of everything in the communication arts style, spreading the message to the public effectively, accurately, and ethically.

Faculty of Dentistry


Recognized as an institution with exceptional standards, the faculty is renowned for producing high-caliber dentists, well-trained with the skills and ethics required to provide quality service to society.

Faculty of Economics


A leader in the studies of human behavior in relation to economic events, with accurate theories that can be effectively applied to real life.

Faculty of Education


Enlightened and ethical. These are qualities found in the Faculty of Education graduates.

Faculty of Engineering


An illustrious institution that produces quality engineers and cutting-edge innovations for the world.

Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts


A center of teaching, learning, and research for the various arts, including visual arts, creative arts, Thai music, western music, and dance.

Faculty of Law


As one of the finest institutions for legal studies, the faculty incorporates academic principles, as well as professional know-how, to produce proficient graduates with logical and ethical minds.

Faculty of Medicine


Preparing medical graduates, with the highest standards of professionalism and ethics, for residencies in specialized areas; and producing valuable research to improve people’s health and lives.

Faculty of Nursing


An institution well-known for producing first-rate nursing personnel; dedicated to generating knowledge, providing better healthcare, and be a public information source on care-giving.

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences


A source of learning, reference, and leading institution for pharmaceutical sciences focused on creating innovations for a long-lasting development.

Faculty of Political Science


Recognized as “The Pillar of Thailand’s Political Science”, the faculty represents progress, peace, and social responsibility.

Faculty of Psychology


A learning institution dedicated to the understanding of the human psyche and behavior.

Faculty of Science


The center for academic and intellectual pursuits in science.

Faculty of Sports Science


A center of learning for advanced scientific concepts related to sports and physical exercise.

Faculty of Veterinary Science


A reputable institution for veterinary science, widely accepted regionally and internationally.

School of Integrated Innovation


Global Academy for the Future

School of Agricultural Resources


A model institute for agricultural education, preparing a new generation of agriculturers with skills, know-how, and the soul to produce quality agricultural products for society.

Graduate School


An institution of higher learning that provides and manages top quality graduate programs.

Chula produces able graduates who become quality citizens for society.

Prof. Bundhit Eua-arporn President of Chulalongkorn University