Chulalongkorn University’s Student Exchange Program was established through the cooperation with partner universities from around the world.  The program aims to draw in more international students to study at Chula and, at the same time, broaden the international experience for Chula students.

International Students

Chulalongkorn University welcomes all internationally mobile students from around the world.  Mobile students refer to students enrolled in a university degree program, but have transferred to another institution either inside or outside their own country to study for a limited time.  Mobile students fall into two groups:

Exchange students

Students who come/go to study at a partner university under an existing MOU or network. Exchange students are exempted from paying tuition fees at the host university, but must pay them at their home university.

Visiting or free-mover students

Students who come/go to study at a university other than his/her own institution at his/her initiative.  Visiting students are required to pay tuition fees at the host university.

Degree Levels Available for Exchange Students

Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree levels.

Courses Available

More details and contact information about the International Programs are available at:

Our Partner Universities

Chulalongkorn University has ties to partner universities around the world, contributing to the success of knowledge creation and research innovation.  

Chula has 904 collaborations with 567 universities in 56 countries and has associated with over 90 international research projects.  In 2019, before COVID-19, the student mobility was at 8,021 (4,643 Inbound and 3,378 Outbound). 

Information on Chula’s international MoU collaboration, student mobility, and research & innovation is available at

Applying to the Student Exchange Program at Chula

Requirements for Inbound Exchange Students

  1. Minimum GPA: 2.75
  2. English language test scores (scores must be no more than two years old at the time of applying):
    1. TOEFL
      • iBT: 79
      • CBT: 213
      • PBT: 550
    2. IELTS
      • Study in arts, humanities & social sciences subject area, usually require a minimum score of 6.5 in overall band (Depends) with a minimum of 6.0 in each band.
      • Study in physical science, life sciences, sciences & technology subject area, usually require a minimum score of 6.0 in overall band (Depends) with a minimum of 5.5 in each band.
  3. Documents
    1. A student’s passport photo on white background
    2. Two reference letters from students’ academic advisors
    3. An official academic transcript (to be issued by the Registrar of the student’s home university)
    4. An English proficiency score record (for non-native speakers of English)
    5. A copy of the first page of the passport (The passport must be valid for at least 6 months before its expiry date, and it is advisable that the validity of the passport should cover the students’ whole exchange period at Chulalongkorn University.)
    6. A student’s Statement of Purpose (SOP) of 500-800 words
    7. A list of the courses offered by Chulalongkorn University that the students wish to attend (Wishlist)
    8. A consent agreement with applicant’s signature.


  1. Inbound exchange students interested in attending regular programs taught in Thai are required to be fluent in Thai in all four skills — listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  2. Obtaining an officially tested English score is a plus.  However, if the English test score is not available, a recommendation letter certifying the applicant’s ability to communicate in English is acceptable.

Check the recruitment process for inbound exchange students at

Requirements for Outbound Exchange Students

  1. Minimum GPA: 2.75
  2. Documents
    1. One student’s photo (on white background)
    2. An official academic transcript with the latest academic record issued by the Office of the Registrar [CR25]
    3. A Language proficiency tests score record (The score should not be more than 2 years)
    4. A photocopy of the first page of the passport (you need a passport valid for at least 6 months after your return to Thailand.)
    5. A nomination letter from your Faculty of the student’s affiliation
    6. Two recommendation letters (E-signature is allowed.)
    7. Statement of purpose essay (500 words or one A4 page, free form)
    8. A study plan (the OIA format)
    9. A consent agreement with applicant’s signature.
    10. A table showing the course(s) the applicants are interested in taking at the partner university (the OIA format) that are equivalent to the course(s) offered by Chula and thus the credits earned from the course(s) can be transferred to the home university.
  3. English language test scores required (The scores must be no more than 2 years old)
    1. TOEFL iBT: 79
    2. IELTS: A minimum score of 6.5 in overall band with a minimum of 6.0 in each band
    3. Other Languages: JLPT (N2 or N1) or other third languages (scores may vary depending on the partner university’s language requirements)


The English language proficiency requirement may vary according to partner university’s language requirements.

Check the recruitment process for outbound exchange students at .

Fees for Non-degree or Visiting Students (Audit Students)

Group Undergraduate Level Graduate Level
Group 1 ** 16,375 Baht/semester 43,250 Baht/semester
Group 2 ** 15,375 Baht/semester 40,000 Baht/semester
Summer 9,187 Baht/semester 22,875 Baht/semester

USD 1 = THB 31.4 (as of April 2021)


* Depending on the program, fees may vary.** For more details on Group 1 and 2, go to

Academic Calendar

Semester System

Semester Duration Classes Begin Classes End
Fall August to December 2nd week of August 3rd week of December
Spring January to May 2nd week of January 3rd week of May

Trimester System

Semester Duration Classes Begin Classes End
First August to November 2nd week of August Last week of November
Second December to March 2nd week of December Last week of March
Third April to August 2nd week of April Last week of July

*The Trimester System is applicable to particular international graduate programs.

Application Timeline for the International Programs

Semester System

Semester Nomination Deadline Application Deadline
Fall 15th March 10th April
Spring 15th August 31st August

Trimester System

Semester Nomination Deadline Application Deadline
First 15th March 10th April
Second 15th August 31st August

On Campus Accommodations

Chulalongkorn University International House (CU iHouse), towering at 26 floors, is an on-campus residence for international students and lecturers.  The units, all 846 rooms, come fully furnished with air conditioning, modern conveniences, 24-hour security and safety systems.  The residence is included in the university’s shuttle bus services.

Monthly Room Rates

Type Less than six months Six Months up
Studio 25 sq. m. (1 queen size bed) 15,000 THB 14,000 THB
1 Bedroom 50 sq. m. (1 bed) 23,000 THB 22,000 THB
Studio 25 sq. m. (2 single beds) 15,000 THB 14,000 THB

For more information about CU iHouse, contact Tel: +662 217 3188 or E-mail: To reserve rooms, go to

Contact Information

Inbound: Fasai Wisuttawanich (Ms.)

Tel: +66 2 218 3335

Outbound: Ratchapol Srihong (Mr.)

Tel: +66 2 218 3333

Exchange Agreements

Dispol Sivaratanatamrong (Mr.)
Tel: +66 2 218 3166


The sense of kinship and warmth found in the Chula community is priceless and a treasure worth keeping.

Prof. Dr. Pornanong Aramwit Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University

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