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Halal Science Center management and staff give survival bags to communities affected by COVID-19

The Halal Science Center, Chulalongkorn University, (HSC) led by Associate Professor Dr. Winai Dahlan, HSC Director, along with the management and staff, visited communities affected by COVID-19 to give survival bags and Conquer COVID-19 Manual comprising knowledge about how to fight the novel coronavirus. The activities aim at helping and building harmony among people of various religions, including Buddhism, Islam and Christianity, in six communities affected by the pandemic.

Dr. Winai stated that, “The COVID-19 pandemic is currently in a critical period that creates panic and anxiety among people around the world. Various organisations, both government and private, have to brainstorm and collaborate to find ways to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

“People need to change their lifestyles, keep distance between persons, reduce leaving home, work from home and always take care and keep their body clean. All of this can help maintain good health during the spread of COVID-19.”

“Many people have also lost their jobs and income while keeping themselves safe at home.”

“With a mission to be responsible for society and the environment, HSC has presented the Halal Way concept to develop knowledge to prevent COVID-19 and drive the Halal Economy under the “Harmony Creation to Help Communities Affected by the Spread of COVID-19 Project” in fiscal year 2020. The concept aims to build morale and trustworthiness among people in various communities as well as relieve disaster in the areas of living, food and tools to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.”

HSC’s management and staff visited six communities to distribute Conquer COVID-19 Manual and survival bags, comprising rice, canned fish, instant noodles, fish oil, soap, detergent and hygiene masks, to people in multicultural communities, including Wat Nong Chok School, Mahanak Mosque, Bang Luang Mosque, Wat Klang Ridwan, and Hua Mak Noi Community.

Dr. Winai concluded: “Conquer COVID-19 Manual gives knowledge in six areas, including “How to stay away from COVID-19 and How to observe yourself”; “How to wash hands hygienically”; “How to make alcohol gel”; “How to make alcohol spray”; “How to make face shields”; and “Exercise guide”. Designed for daily use, the manual will help people avoid COVID-19 and prevent its spread.

Source: The Bangkok Post

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