Study Abroad at Chulalongkorn University: A Gateway to World-Class Education in Asia

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Poised to become one of Asia’s educational hubs, Chulalongkorn University is admitting Thai and international students to more than 100 international programs in all disciplines to create learning experiences without borders and prepare graduates for world citizenship. 

We all know that Thailand is one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations thanks to her soft power such as arts, culture, gastronomy, lifestyle, nature, climate as well as a reasonable cost of living. What many of us do not yet know is that Thailand is also one of the world’s major destinations for international students.

Sukalin Wanakasemsan,
Director of Global Academic Affairs Division,
Office of International Affairs and Global Network (OIA), Chulalongkorn University.

Thailand is remarkable in terms of education and that has attracted many international students. Chula’s quality of education is globally recognized and offering more than 100 international programs in English at all levels of degrees. Plus, our cost of living and tuition fees are lower than those of comparable countries,” says Sukalin Wanakasemsan, Director of Global Academic Affairs Division, Office of International Affairs and Global Network (OIA), Chulalongkorn University.

Currently, about 2,000 international students from 60 countries are at Chula, in either exchange programs or degree studies.

This number is on an uptrend thanks to the contemporary world that better supports people’s travel and migration for work, sightseeing, or study. As for the study, it’s part of gaining one’s life experience, promoting world citizenship, and developing their skills for a modern lifestyle which requires open-mindedness, understanding, and acknowledgment of diversity and multiculturalism.

Why do international students choose Chula?

Among the top reasons are Chula’s reputation and international recognition.

On the national level, Chula has been ranked Thailand’s No. 1 for four consecutive years in THE Impact Rankings 2023, and its streak for the country’s top university is now 15 years (since 2009) in the QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) World University Rankings 2024.

Internationally, Chula’s Employment Outcome is ranked the world’s No. 17 in THE Impact Rankings 2023 and among the Top 50 in the QS World University Rankings 2024.

“Chula is an educational hub of ASEAN and Asia, and an academic leader in sciences, social sciences, and humanities. All degree programs are of high quality and prepare both Thai and international students to become world citizens. Chula graduates have all the essential skills and can work anywhere in the world,” says Sukalin.

Moreover, Chula’s learning environment and lifestyle are vibrant, as they blend tradition and modernity and support lifelong learning beyond textbooks.

Chula is Thailand’s first university with 106 years of history on its campus spanning more than one square kilometer (637 rai). It is marked by many architectural heritage buildings and historical stories paralleling Thailand’s modernization. Located in the center of Bangkok, Chula is surrounded by modernity and contemporaneity such as Siam Square and Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) while a stone’s throw from old neighborhoods like Yaowarat (Chinatown), Sam Yan, and Charoen Krung. In other words, Chula students are in a unique environment that perfectly balances the past, present, and future trends.

International collaboration develops Chula students into world citizens

Chula is progressing along the modern educational trend focusing on developing our graduates to become world citizens who can adapt themselves to global changes with an understanding of diversity and multicultural society.

“Thanks to Chula’s reputation and effort, we’ve signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with several world-class universities. Students in Chula’s international programs are learning in an international environment and experiencing different environments as they can take classes with the world’s leading universities throughout their four-year undergraduate study here at Chula.”

Chula’s international collaboration comprises:

Database Collaboration Chula has world-class libraries and databases where Chula students can easily access a wide variety of overseas knowledge sources, including books, journals, research, theses, and reference databases that strongly support their study and research.

Curriculum Collaboration in Chula’s international joint- and double-degree programs, students take classes both at Chulalongkorn University and the partner university overseas. A few examples are the Joint International Psychology Program (JIPP) with the University of Queensland, Australia, and the double-degree master’s programs in Engineering Management with The University of Warwick, United Kingdom.

Besides, Chula’s MoU with the world’s leading universities provides Chula students with overseas exchange study opportunities at our partner universities for one or two semesters. For those who do not wish to travel, they can be exchange students on the APRU Virtual Student Exchange platform where they can take online classes offered by our partner universities.

(The list of all Chula’s degree programs with international partner universities is here.)

Chula’s campus life: Comfortable, convenient, fun and vibrant

University life is not only about studying, but also living. Sukalin adds that Chula’s personnel as well as facilities are ready to make international students’ study and life overseas one of their most memorable experiences. 

Travel: At the city’s center, the Chula campus is easily accessible by a wide variety of public transportation systems including buses, Bangkok Transit System (BTS), and Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) trains. On campus, six lines of Chula Shuttle Bus conveniently take students to education buildings, student dormitories, and vicinities, free of charge.

Physical Health: CU Health Service Center provides free health services for all Chula students. With health insurance for international students, they can be admitted to any hospital in case of emergency and do not have to worry about health-related expenses.

Mental Health: Chula Student Wellness’s team of psychologists and psychiatrists can help students with their anxieties. In addition, officers at Chula OIA and international programs are fluent in English and can always assist students with registration, coordination with other units, visa applications, and emergency cases.

Student Accommodation:  Intended for international students, the CU I-House is conveniently connected to the main campus by Chula Shuttle Bus and close to many restaurants, with a lower rent than that of other nearby dormitories.  

Activities and Recreation: Founded by the Office of Student Affairs, the International Student Club provides cultural exchange opportunities for international and Thai students. Those interested in sports, music, and other activities can also join other clubs. 

Unibuddy, international students’ essential online platform for Chula’s campus life: Sukalin notes that online reviews are not always accurate and information from the university may lack the student’s point of view. Chula’s web-based platform “Unibuddy” is where Chula’s international and Thai students share information and stories of study and life at Chula.

Sign up for Unibuddy here.

“Can I study at Chula without speaking Thai?”

Language is not an obstacle to studying and living at Chula. Even without Thai language proficiency, international students can enjoy learning and gaining new experiences at Chula. 

All classes in the international programs are conducted in English. Plus, most Thai national Chula students can communicate in English. Off-campus, some people may not be able to do so but there are now many useful tools and programs. For example, at the canteen where there’s no English menu, you can simply take a photo of the food you’d like and then show it to the vendor.”

Moreover, students who are interested in taking Thai language classes can choose from a variety of programs:

Free Online Courses Chula MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) helps prepare international students before their arrival with basic Thai language courses such as Survival Thai, Communicative Thai for Foreigners, and Thai on Campus. Learners also receive certificates upon completion.

Registered Courses International students can take Thai language classes specially designed for foreigners, without extra tuition fees and are recorded in their transcripts.

Intensive Thai Language Courses For additional study, students can apply for the Center for Thai as a Foreign Language (CTFL)’s Thai language courses and Thai culture workshops, available for non-Chula students as well.

“As a Chula student here in Thailand, besides taking Thai language classes with Thai instructors, you can practice with people outside the classroom to improve your proficiency in the environment that best promotes Thai language education.”

“Now that I’m interested, what should I do?

Chulalongkorn University currently offers more than 100 English-taught international programs for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in various disciplines. The first semester commences in August.

The first cycle of undergraduate admission for international programs is from December to January.

Graduate admission for international programs is in two cycles. To start in the first semester (August), apply from February to May; for the second, apply from September to October.

Chula also provides students with many types of scholarships for study and research.

Apart from degree programs, international students can apply for Exchange or Visiting programs for short-term (one or two semesters) study at Chula where they can gain a new experience of living in Thailand at the same time.

Exchange Program

Students who are currently enrolled at Chula’s MoU partner universities can be exchange students at Chula without extra tuition fees. Simply submit your application to your university’s exchange program coordinator six months before the start of Chula’s semester*. Check out the complete list of Chula’s MoU partner universities here.

Visiting Program

Students of non-partner universities who wish to study at Chula for one or two semesters can apply, six months before the beginning of the semester*, at their program’s coordinator and pay tuition fees at Chula.

* Exchange Program and Visiting Program students who wish to commence their study in the first semester should apply from January to February of the same year; for the second semester (January), apply from July to August of the previous year.

APRU Virtual Student Exchange

Students of APRU (Association of Pacific Rim Universities) members who wish to take Chula classes but cannot travel to Thailand or wish to take only one class, can join the APRU Virtual Student Exchange (VSE) program and then they can be in the same online classes as Chula students. The tuition fees are to be paid only at their home universities.

Apply for the right visa before studying at Chula  

All foreign Chula students are required to hold Thailand’s Education Visa.

After having been admitted to a program of study, you’ll receive an official letter of admission from Chula with which you can apply for an Education Visa at a Thai embassy or consulate. To apply for an extension, simply contact your program’s coordinator.

“It’s noteworthy that Thailand’s Education Visa is only valid when you’re traveling from your home country to Thailand. You cannot change from a Tourist Visa to an Education Visa while you’re sightseeing in Thailand. In that case, you need to go to the home country first and then come back to start studying at Chula.”

“Holders of Work Visa can study off hours, in the evening or weekend classes. Like the Tourist Visa, the Work Visa cannot be automatically changed into the Education Visa. This is a very common problem among international students, so you should prepare accordingly to save time and travel costs.”

Learn more about Chula at https://www.chula.ac.th/en/

For additional information, please contact the Office of International Affairs and Global Network (Chula OIA)

Tel: +66 2218 3126

Email: int.off@chula.ac.th

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChulaOIA/


The sense of kinship and warmth found in the Chula community is priceless and a treasure worth keeping.

Prof. Dr. Pornanong Aramwit Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University

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