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Residual Stress Measurement in AlTiC by XRD

Residual Stress Measurement in AlTiC by XRD


Project undertaken by: Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University

Partner: Western Digital (Thailand) Co., LTD.

About research: Bowing, crowning and other slider geometric anomalies and defects are based on the quality of the slider fabrication processes. In order to properly fabricate the sliders with minimal changes in their geometry, how each process contributes differently to the residual stresses that directly dictate the geometry of the sliders must be understood. This project aimed to understand the present condition of residual stresses in slider bars. By means of X-ray diffraction, the elongations and contractions in the crystal lattice and spacing of hkl places were measured. The residual stresses were determined by tilting specimens at certain orientations and angles, and were used as a key performance index. The residual stresses were measured at the back side, fine ceramic, front side, ASL and BL/KL at the finish of each process.

This technique can be used to quantify each of the lapping and grinding processes to truly benchmark the damage and residual stresses introduced inside the slider


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