Notable Research with Social Impact

Copper conductive pattern fabrication by low temperature spray pyrolysis of a copper complex ink

Project undertaken by: Assoc. Prof. Soorathep Kheawhom

Partner: Petrochemical industry (Upstream process)

About research: A facile and low-cost method to fabricate copper conductive patterns at a low temperature is critical for printed electronics. Spray pyrolysis of a copper complex ink under a N2 flow at a temperature below 200 ˚C shows a high potential for this application. However, the produced copper patterns are a granular film consisting of connected fine particles. In this work, we demonstrate the method to fabricate a well-sintered copper film with low resistivity (less than four times of bulk copper) on a polyimide substrate. Our results revealed that the spraying rate is a critical parameter determining the degree of sintering of the film, where a low spraying rate leads to the formation of smaller particles that can easily sinter into the pre-deposited layer

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