Notable Research with Social Impact

Development of cooked rice in a retort pouch

Partner: K.C. Rungruang Rice Mill Co., Ltd., Khon Khaen Province

About research: This project was initiated based on the demand for new product development by K.C. Rungruang Rice Mill Co., Ltd., which is a large manufacturer and exporter of jasmine rice in the Northeast, and is located in Khon Kaen. Presently, the company produces up to 800 tons of rice per day with a rice quality adjusting facility of a capacity of 500 tons per day. The company’s products are available in leading department stores, such as Tesco Lotus and Tops as well as other stores nationwide, and leading superstores in other countries. The company has the concept to develop shelf-stable ready-to-eat cooked rice in order to add value to the rice and to offer an alternative product for consumers. This project yields the optimum conditions to prepare the rice and produce four types of shelf-stable ready-to-eat cooked rice (Jasmine 105 rice, Jasmine 105 brown rice, fragrant red rice and fragrant black rice). The products can last for up to 1 year without refrigeration.

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Associate Professor Dr. Suchana Chavanich Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University