Notable Research with Social Impact

Alcoholic Beverages Manufacturing Industry the ASEAN Countries and Its Impacts on Thailand

Project undertaken by: Center of Excellence for Mekong Studies, Institute of Asian Studies

Partner: Ministry of Health of Laos PDR

About research: “Alcoholic Beverages Manufacturing Industries in ASEAN Countries and Their Impact on Thailand” has the two primary objectives of (i) to study the ASEAN regional policies and regulations that may impact the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Thailand and (ii) to study the policies and policy directions of the alcoholic beverages manufacturing industries in the region and some ASEAN countries with a production base and expansion of production potential that may also have an impact on the market and the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Thailand as an ASEAN member state. The focus of this research is beer, a popular, convenient and widely consumed alcoholic beverage, and the countries studied are Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.

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Prof. Bundhit Eua-arporn President of Chulalongkorn University