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The Survey and Data Collection for Road Asset and Bridge on Rural Road Network

The Survey and Data Collection for Road Asset and Bridge on Rural Road Network

Project undertaken by: Transportation Institute

Partner: Department of Rural Roads

About research: In the past, the Department of Rural Roads collected data on the rural roads and surrounding areas by surveying and using officers to conduct the surveys. The obtained data was partly resolved and certain. However, there are the limitations of the long time required for data collection and the large number of officers required to perform the survey. Accordingly, the Mobile Mapping System (MMS) has been developed to replace the traditional surveying system. The MMS can perform data collection at a greater speed and accuracy. In 2014, the Department of Rural Roads conducted a pilot project to study and test the MMS for data collection using a total distance of not less than 2,500 km, and designed the suitable database structure for the data storage and analysis. Moreover, in 2015, the survey was extended to cover the whole country at a distance of at least 37,000 km using the data from the CRD (Central Database) in 2015 by adding different types of properties to be estimated and located on the system (up to 13 items) as well as increasing the representation of data to enable the network planning and management to be more efficient.


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