High pressure treated coconut water and determination of its shelf life

Partner: Eastern Pioneer Sales and Services Co., Ltd., Bangkok

About research: This purpose of this project was to investigate changes in high pressure pasteurized coconut water during 25 weeks’ storage at chilled temperatures, and predict the shelf life of the product. The results of this study showed that the microbial quality of high-pressure pasteurized coconut water conformed with the Community Product Standards No. 340/20047 during storage at 4 and 8 ° C for 25 weeks. The total acid content and reducing sugar content remained rather constant throughout storage. The most obvious change was the color and total phenolic compounds. At 8 °C, a light pink color was observed at week 4, while at 4 °C, the color was detected later at week 7. When predicting the shelf-life using the color change, the product had a shelf-life of 7.6 weeks at 3 °C, 7.0 weeks at 4 °C, 6.5 weeks at 5 °C, 5.1 weeks at 8 °C and 4.4 weeks at 10 °C.


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Prof. Bundhit Eua-arporn President of Chulalongkorn University