Parkinson’s gloves to reduce tremors (device for assessing hand tremors and to then stimulate the muscles with an electric current)

Project undertaken by: Prof. Dr. Roongroj Bhidayasiri

About research: Innovative accomplishment, the Parkinson’s gloves for reducing tremors. Parkinson’s disease is a chronic disease which is common in the elderly. The most common abnormality is hand tremors, especially hand tremors while resting, which is found in approximately 70% of the patients. This symptom is usually noticeable and often causes patients to have social anxiety. The Parkinson’s gloves for reducing tremors is a medical device which has been developed to treat hand tremors in Parkinson’s patients. It can detect the patient’s hand tremors and then stimulate the muscles with an electric current to stop the tremors automatically. Currently there is no equipment to help reduce hand tremors in Parkinson’s patients using electric currents to stimulate the muscles has been developed before. The prominent feature of the device is its development in the form of a wearable and easy-to-use glove that is battery powered. According to a team of researchers from the Center of Excellence for Parkinson’s disease and related disorders in the year 2015, treatment for patients with hand tremors by stimulating the muscles with electric currents was found to reduce the patients’ tremors significantly.


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