The Tale of Moods – An Art Exhibition

Exhibition:                             The Tale of Moods

Artist:                                     Paphada   Sirisuwat

Wanapohn  Taimungkornpun

Art Type:                               Painting

Duration:                               5-22 July 2018

Venue:                                    Exhibition Hall, 1st floor, Room 2

Additional Information:       091-820-6956 (Wanapohn)

Concept: The way the human’s mind connects with memories and life experiences are natural. Things appear and disappear. When the conscious mind is overpowered by sorrow, sadness, or loneliness, the mind goes into a dream-like state constructed by the subconsciousness. Motivated and inspired by this state-of-mind, the two artists have created a reflection of their past experiences and memories through their art pieces.  As imagination helps augment reality through various forms, colors, and ambiance, the artists have expressed and reflected beauty, calmness, emotion, perception, and the inner mind through their oil paintings.

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Associate Professor Dr. Suchana Chavanich Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University