Updated as of March 25, 2020 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Information for all international students/researchers at Chulalongkorn University

Updated as of March 25, 2020 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  Information for all international students/researchers at Chulalongkorn University

Chulalongkorn University has been taking active measures to ensure the safety and well-being of students, researchers and staff members against the COVID-19 outbreak and its spread across the globe. While official announcements on the Chula main website and on Chula Covid-19 website are the primary source of information, Office of International Affairs and Global Network (OIA) wishes to share the following FAQs and Answers which may be useful for international students and researchers. Please note that these FAQs will be updated as new information becomes available

1. Academic matters

QI would like to return to my home country temporarily and continue with my studies at Chula onlineHow can I receive an approval on this? 

  • Please contact your academic advisor to receive an approval from the dean of your Faculty regarding your request. The permission can be obtained provided that your academic advisor or chair of program agrees that the leave will not affect your studies and that the authorized dean/director of your Faculty/School will approve it. Your official request needs to specify the duration of your leave from Thailand.  As situation surrounding the COVID-19 develops fast, your leave duration can be adjusted at later date, as necessary. Your return date to Thailand to resume has to be after May 31, 2020, or any other date to be as announced by the University. Please note that your primary consultation contact point is your academic advisor and your Faculty. 
  • If you are a post-doctoral student and/or researcher, the leave will have to be authorized by relevant section head (dean or director) or the supervising Vice President in charge. If any contract is involved, the Vice President in charge will postpone or adjust the time period as deemed appropriate. 

Q: Can I continue to receive scholarship while studying online from my home country?

  • Yes, you will continue to be a scholarship awardee. However, you will no longer be eligible for the housing and monthly allowances during the leave period. 

Q: I am considering to discontinue with my study at Chula and return to my home country. How can I proceed?

  • You must also cancel your student visa. Please consult your Faculty. 

2. Travel and visa

QWhat are the key travel and visa requirements I should keep in mind before leaving ThailandWill my student/researcher visa be still valid when I return to Thailand next?

  • First of all, check the latest situation and restrictions of the relevant countries, airports and flights that might affect your travel. You are encouraged to contact your home country’s respective embassy/consulate for travel advisories. In addition, Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand has issued an official announcement as below, which you need to keep in mind.
  • If your travel to your home country deems still possible at this point in time, make sure to apply a re-entry permit before leaving Thailand. For further details, see the link below.
  • If you obtain a re-entry permit, your student/researcher visa will still be valid after exiting Thailand, provided that the visa will not expire while you will be away from Thailand.
  • If your student/researcher visa has or will be expired, you must apply for a new visa. As long as you are actively enrolled as a Chula student (even via online study) or as a researcher, your Faculty and relevant section can facilitate and issue necessary documents for your new/extended visa application. 
  • Effective March 24, 2020, visa application procedure may be summarized as below.
    • Applicant contacts respective Faculty submitting required documents (online)
    • The respective Faculty reviews and provides endorsement documents, submit them to OIA (online)
    • OIA reviews the documents, issues endorsement documents to be signed by Chula’s Vice President in charge (online)
    • Applicant receives the documents from OIA (online)
    • Applicant prints out all the documents with which he/she applies for a new visa or extension of visa at the Immigration Authority IN PERSON
  • You are requested to contact your Faculty giving them ample time (20 days minimum) to process the documents prior to the expiration of your visa. OIA will assist you thereon which will take around eight (8) working days. 
  • For any further inquiry on visa, contact OIA staff Ms. Ranee at
  • For more information regarding visa general inquiries, you can visit or contact Immigration Bureau Hotline 1178 (Monday to Friday).

3. Housing

Q: In case of Chulas lockdown, will I still be able to remain in the oncampus housing?

  • CU I-House will allow you to stay there for sure. However, we all have to follow protocols if new regulations will be issued by Thai government or Chula for that matter.

QIf I want to return my home country, will I get my deposit back from CU I-House? If I plan to come back to Thailand, can I leave my belongings to be stored at CU I-House?

  • Yes, CU I-House will return your deposit, after deducting the actual rental fees. Upon informing the CU I-House, you can receive the deposit in cash within three days. In case you wish to receive the deposit by bank transfer in your home country, CU I-House will arrange it via Western Union which will deduct the 10% of transfer fee from the amount. 
  • You can leave your belongings at the CU I-House during your temporary leave, however, due to the space limitation, only one piece of luggage or box per student will be allowed in its storage room. Your luggage/box need to be sealed in front of CU I-House’s staff.
  • For further information about CU I-House, call 02-217-3188 or email Due to limited availability of staff who can speak English comfortably, please ask your Thai classmate to help you communicate with them. 

QIf I stay at an offcampus housing, what should I do?

  • For students staying outside the campus, you need to follow the rules and regulations of each housing management. It is important that you keep yourself updated about the situation. 

4. Wellness

Q: What should I do if I fall sick? Can I go to Chula Health Service Center?

  • If you are a full-time and/or exchange student, you can receive medical services at Chula Health Service Center with no additional expenses.  COVID-19 screening is available at the Health Service Center (in cooperation with Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital).  But if you are in the low risk category, the doctor will more likely recommend 14-day self-quarantine. Students with status other than the above, please refer to your insurance scheme purchased prior to your arrival at Thailand. For those seeking off-campus medical services, you have to be responsible for all the related costs. 
  • For all Chula students, additional COVID-19 insurance is now available for free of charge by installing the MTL CLICK application on your smartphone and logging into the application.  For further details, visit the Office of Student Affairs FB at
  • With regard to the procedure for the screening of COVID-19 infection for students and staff members at Chulalongkorn University, please see the below link.
  • Chula Health Service Center: 02-218-1671 (8:00-17:00) or 080-441-9041(24 hrs).

5. Advisory support

OIA team will continue to support providing general advisories online for international students and researchers. Please send your inquiry at between 9:00 and 16:00 (Monday to Friday). We shall try out best to get back to you promptly. However, please be reminded that your primary consultation point is always your academic advisor and your Faculty, from who you may receive more concrete information, specific advice and immediate support.


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