Updates on Salary Payment Notifications via CUERP – Fiori

Updates on Salary Payment Notifications via CUERP – Fiori

Starting April 1, 2020, the Office of Human Resources Management at Chulalongkorn University will no longer send out salary slip and official letters of salary adjustments via e-mail for CU staff, except for government official pensioners and monthly employee pensioners.  In place of e-mail, information relating to remunerations and human resources will be provided via a new HR application, CUERP – Fiori, an app that allows for modification of personal information, group life insurance information, provident funds, training history, certificate requests, salary slips, and leave management.

Visit CUERP – Fiori ( for more information or to download the application SAP Fiori Client.  The login is the CUNET username and password (

The salary slip for April 2020 will be available from 24 April 2020 onwards.

CU staff can download the handbook at


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