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Watch CU Music Hall Special Performances from Home

The Office of Art and Culture at Chulalongkorn University invites you to watch two of CU’s most favourite Thai classical music performances captured from the CU Music Hall, Art and Culture Building, from the comfort of your home.  Links to the full video are available on Facebook: CU Art Culture.

1. “Classic Paiboon Butkan – The Concert”, composed by Silapatorn award-winning artist, Nora-at Chanklum.  The concert, held in January 2020, brought back timeless hits, such as Mon Mueng Nuea, Kha Nahm Nom, Kwan Jai Kon Jon, Chum Oak Mueng Tok Taan, Yomabaan Jao Ka, Mhae Kha Tah Kom, Nahm Kaang Duen Hok, Ni Raj Nuch, and Kee Rae Gor Ruk.  The concert was performed by Sumet Ong-At, Pijika Jittaputta, Sarun Kungbunpot, Pattarapa Poomisak, Rattapong Piticharn, and special guest Phrasa Wongvirojrak on the accordion.

Watch the performance at:

2. Chulavatit No. 214: Performed 7 February, 2020, this Thai Music performance by “Vajarodom” showcased a Thai string ensemble featuring the organ and kim, a type of dulcimer or zither from Thailand.  The concert included Thai classics, such as Home Nong Terd Sor Tor, Torn Samur Tao Ork Pra Chao Loy Tard, Lom Anong Tao, Kaek Mon Bang Chang Tao Tang Kru Kien Sooksaichon, Bot Nong Pleng Tao Hey Chood “Yen Yum” (Tub Yen Yum), Diew Sor Duang by Kru Vorayot Sooksaichon, Khmer and Ratchaburi Tao.

Online Program:

Watch the performance at:

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