CUIR Adds Thesis and Academic Papers and Results on the Potential Impact of Working from Home

CUIR Adds Thesis and Academic Papers and Results on the Potential Impact of Working from Home

The Office of Academic Resources at Chulalongkorn University has added 524 titles of thesis and academic works from Academic Year 1/2019 into the Chulalongkorn University Intellectual Repository.  The uploaded thesis and academic works can be searched and are available to the public for both academic and research use.  Interested persons can visit and browse the content by faculty or click ‘title’ to view the entire list of titles.

The CU Reference Database has also published interesting articles on the impact, advantages, and disadvantages of working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Some of the interesting findings included:

– In terms of performance, remote working has proven to be more effective and efficient. However, there is indication that there is absence of a working network and self-development skills, creativity, and discipline have all dropped.  Therefore, the management must have a solid communication plan for employees to interact and build a virtual working network for an improved workflow.

– Important qualities for employees include self-discipline, sense of responsibility, work-life-balance, time management, leadership skills, creativity, and analytical skills.  The organization must trust the employees to work efficiently and the team members must also agree with the work culture.

– Growth trends show a one third expansion on the number of long-distance operations, which is in line with the development of information technology.

– Organizations and employees have experienced a reduced cost, such as from reduced commuting, a healthier lifestyle, less stress, and overall less pressure. 

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