Chula’s “10 Plus” Policy Aims to Help Students Affected by COVID-19 Crisis

Chula’s “10 Plus” Policy Aims to Help Students Affected by COVID-19 Crisis

Chulalongkorn University has rolled out several policies to help students in the upcoming Academic Year 2020, including cutting tuition fees by 10% and offering over 5,000 scholarships and monthly allowances. The help adds up to a total funding of around 500 million Thai baht, all to be allocated to aid students and families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assistant Professor Chaiyaporn Puprasert, Acting Vice President for Student Affairs expresses that, “Chulalongkorn University has a policy that no student should ever have to stop learning for financial reasons.”  In 2019, Chulalongkorn University granted over 4,022 academic scholarships and student welfare allowances, which amounted to more than 100 million Thai baht.  This year, with the impact from COVID-19 and the need to ease the financial burden on students and families in mind, the university plans to offer a 10% reduction on tuition fees.

Reduction of Tuition Fees:

Chulalongkorn University will reduce the tuition fee for all students by 10% during the Academic Year 2020.  Each faculty or department may also reduce the fees further based on the faculty/department’s measures or as they see fit.


  1. Eligible undergraduate students will be exempted from the academic tuition fees and given financial aid for the upcoming academic year. The number of scholarships has increased from the annual 3,000 scholarships to 4,500 scholarships this year – an approximate increase of 120 million Thai baht.
  2. Eligible graduate students will be exempted from the academic tuition fees. A total of 142 scholarships are available – valued at 6 million Thai baht.

Financial Aid:

  1. Student Welfare: An allocation of 30 million Thai baht will be distributed to support students and families of students affected by the COVID-19 crisis, such as being laid-off or reduced salary.  The total monthly household income must not exceed 25,000 Thai baht.  The assistance has started since 1 May 2020 and the limit is for 10,000 Thai baht per student.  The goal is to help at least 4,000 students during the initial stage, with possibility of an extension, depending on the situation.
  2. On-Campus Jobs for Students: Since 20 April 2020, the University has allocated 1.6 million Thai baht to support the additional on-campus jobs for students.  Students can work online for the University and will be compensated an hourly rate of 100 Thai baht, capped at no more than 500 Thai baht per day.
  3. Student Dormitories: In the Academic Year 2019, the University has refunded dormitory fees to over 750 students that headed home during COVID-19 outbreak, issuing a 50% refund for students paying rent by semester and exempting 2 months (April and May) rent for students paying rent monthly.  A total of 3.5 million Thai baht was allocated for the refunds.  For the Academic Year 2020, the university plans to reduce the rent by 50-100% for students paying by semester and 25-50% for students paying rent monthly.  Students affected by COVID-19 may contact Student Affairs for support.
  4. SIM cards: Since 23 March 2020, over 5,000 SIM cards were distributed to eligible students to help with online learning.  The SIM cards remains valid until December 2020.

Assistant Professor Chaiyaporn also shares that, “Chulalongkorn University has a need-based criterion in place to evaluate the eligibility of students that require assistance.  Students needing help may submit a request via CU NEX.  In the future, Chulalongkorn University plans to release more policies to help lessen the financial burden on students and families, including postponing tuition fee payments and providing support materials and equipment for online learning.”


Chula’s encouragement and support for research is excellent for teachers, students, and the public.

Associate Professor Dr. Suchana Chavanich Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University