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Announcement The COVID-19 Committee Chulalongkorn University Re: Measures Taken Regarding Persons Found Infected with the Corona Virus (COVID 19) 2/2021

Having been informed that a staff member of the university has been tested for COVID-19 as announced in the 1/2021 measures taken regarding a person being infected with the 2019 Corona Virus (COVID 19) and the said person has since been admitted for treatment in the hospital, 

As such, the COVID-19 the Committee Chulalongkorn University has contacted persons who came into close contact with the infected person to be screened at the Chulalongkorn Health Center and found that there are 2 additional persons who have been infected by COVID-19.  The infected persons resided in rooms next to the first patient and they have been in close contact with each other.   

COVID-19 Committee Chulalongkorn University has implemented the following guidelines:

  1. That the two new infected persons be investigated as soon as possible.   
  2. That the persons who came into close contact with the two patients be called to be screened at the Chulalongkorn Health Center immediately.   
  3. That there be an investigation of the possible transmission cycle of the infected persons so that those who are at risk during the period of 14 days before February 6, 2021 are obligated to refrain from reporting to work for a quarantine period of 14 days which will not be counted as a formal leave of absence.  They may contact the Chulalongkorn Health Center to receive screening and monitoring, the cost of which will be fully covered by the University.
  4. The Office of Physical Resources shall carry out additional cleaning and sanitization procedures of relevant premises according to public health standards.    

The University will also continue to carry out other measures stipulated in the first announcement  

According to the Department of Disease Control high risk persons who need to report for screening and monitoring are members of the family who have been in close contact with the patient, anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes in conversation with the infected person, persons who were in close proximity to the patient when coughing or sneezing and those who were in confined spaces with the patient for over 15 minutes without wearing a face mask.  Other forms of behavior such as residing in the same building or using the same public spaces as the infected person are not considered to be high risk situations and should therefore not be a cause for panic. Such persons should, however, continue to be cautious, maintain cleanliness, avoid going out in public areas and keep assessing their personal health conditions.  

Should there be any further developments on this matter the COVID-19 Committee Chulalongkorn University will provide further updates and information via the website under “Featured”.

                                                                               Announced on this February 6, 2021

                                                                   The COVID-19 Committee Chulalongkorn University

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