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Chula Innovations for Society to Fight COVID-19

Chulalongkorn University has taken a bold step in commutating its transformation to an innovation-centric university with its “Innovations for Society” campaign.  The campaign uses a short movie to inform the public about the various innovations that Chula has successfully developed to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, as part of Chula’s mission to play a leading role in “Creating Knowledge and Innovation to Promote Sustainable Development for Society”.

The short film, “Innovations for Society: Innovations against COVID,” uses a storytelling technique from the point of view (POV) of an ad agency person who has to dig deep into her creative arsenal to come up with a pitch for the client to approve.  Chula’s target is “to communicate a myriad of innovations against COVID-19 that are full of technical and complicated jargon in a fun and engaging way in 3 minutes.”   The film director is able to successfully tie all the information into a coherent, cute and funny storyline that the audience has to smile at.  The storyline is divided into 3 parts.

First, it starts with “preventive innovations” such as a face-mask spray to protect us from virus and dust, and CU-RoboCovid — the medical-support robot. Then, it describes “screening innovations” such as the Chula Covid-19 Strip Test, Chula Express Analysis Mobile Unit (EAMU), and COVID-19 data incubator website that’s developed with other partners.  Finally, the story concludes with “remedy innovations” such as COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, tobacco vaccine, Chula MOOC (massive open online course), and Quick MBA from home that provides cutting-edge professional knowledge to the Thai people with novel ways to earn a living during the COVID-19 crisis.

Chula’s innovations against COVID-19 are part of the university’s mission to serve the society with technological breakthroughs as well as to be a driving force for Thai society to continue along the path of robust growth.

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Chula’s encouragement and support for research is excellent for teachers, students, and the public.

Associate Professor Dr. Suchana Chavanich Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University