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Mitigating the Psychological Impact of COVID-19 on Chula Students and Staff

The COVID-19 pandemic waves have become a global disruption, exempting no one. Chulalongkorn University via the Life-D center and the Center for Psychology Assessment, Faculty of Psychology, in cooperation with the Chief Transformation and Strategic Office, is offering a program to promote mental health and well-being for Chula students and staff. 

For maximum assessment coverage, both Thai and English surveys are used. Target participants for the assessment, including college students, expats, faculty members, and administrative staff, need to simply fill out the survey to generate feedback on the mental health conditions of participants and increase self-awareness. Quantitative analyses will also be performed to analyze factors affecting mental health and wellbeing, such as physical health, financial status, relationship, online learning, and working from home.  The data collected will help the university facilitate guidelines and policies to mitigate the psychological impact of COVID-19, promote mental health, and care for the wellbeing of Chulalongkorn students and staff.

In the meantime, activities to strengthen resiliency and reduce existing effects are being carried out by the Faculty of Psychology. A series of online workshops, called ‘Mind Care’, are designed for college students to learn skills and techniques to practice self-care, as well as provide mental support to those around. During an interview, a participant in the activity mentioned that, “Talking to ourselves is great. We get to listen to our inner voices from different perspectives.” Several activities, such as ‘Productive Time Boxing’ and ‘Stress, Anxiety and Relaxation Techniques’ are tailored for Chulalongkorn staff, to help cope with changes in work methods and the environment. 

Chula’s encouragement and support for research is excellent for teachers, students, and the public.

Associate Professor Dr. Suchana Chavanich Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University