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Chula Research Team Produces Spray for Fabric Masks to Help Prevent COVID-19 and PM 2.5 Dust

A Chula Research Team has invented a spray, Shield+ Protecting Spray, to make fabric masks waterproof and more effective in protecting against viruses and germs. The spray is an alternative innovation to make fabric masks more useful for the public, especially at a time when surgical masks become more difficult to find.

The research team, consisting of Assistant Professor Dr. Jittima Luckanagul, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Phutthimon Sribonfah, B.Sc.Pharm, made the spray free of harmful respiratory substances. The spray acts as a shield that increases the protectiveness of masks against viruses, and water droplets.

From preliminary performance tests, results show that applying the Shield+ Protecting Spray on a fabric mask helps cover the fabric fiber and increases the efficiency of filtering out 0.3 micron particles by 83% and the filtering out of germs in saliva and in the air by 93% and 142% respectively.

The research team also collaborated with the Startups team from the CU Innovation Hub and the university’s public and private allies, to make production that meets GMP standard requirements. The team aims to produce and distribute up to 10,000 Shield+ Protecting Sprays, which can be applied on a total of 240,000 fabric masks for the medical support team, hospital delivery drivers, police and soldiers at the COVID-19 checkpoints, and garbage collectors.

For more information, contact Phutthimon Sribonfah, Nabsolute Company, at 08-1563-8819. If those interested in funding this research project, please visit

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