Chula Creates Jobs and Business Opportunities to Fight Economic Woes

Used Face Masks – Infectious Waste that Requires Proper Disposal

Chula Engineering professor proposes ways to manage used masks and ATK test kits by choosing reusable masks, separating infectious waste, and preparing it properly before discarding it to be destroyed in a non-polluting disposal system to reduce overflowing waste problem.

Chula Medical Breakthrough! RED-GEM Molecules to Reverse Aging

Chula Medicine has successfully invented RED-GEMs (REjuvenating DNA by GEnomic Stability Molecules) that can reverse aging in lab animals. With human trials targeted within two years, the medical breakthrough is aimed to treat various age-related conditions and illnesses and bring back youthfulness in this aging society.

Introducing “Oph-Sim” Mannequins for Medical Students to Practice Diagnosing Eye Ailments

The best Thai craftsmanship! “Oph-Sim” retinal examination training mannequins by researchers of the Faculties of Medicine and Engineering, Chulalongkorn University are great tools for medical students and doctors to hone their expertise in retinal examination while saving significantly on imports of mannequins from abroad.

Alcohol-free Medical Antiseptic and Moisturizing Spray Against COVID-19 – A New Health Innovation from Chula!

Chula researchers recently launched a fast-acting, alcohol-free disinfectant for viruses and bacteria that is gentle on the hands. Nationally patented, the innovation was selected as a souvenir for the Thailand Research Expo 2021.

Rehabilitation Robots for Stroke Patients by Chula

The award-winning rehabilitation robots for stroke patients by Chula Engineering professors in cooperation with Chula Medicine, which received the runner-up award at i-MEDBOT Innovation Contest 2021 is now operating in 12 hospitals across the country giving stroke patients a new lease on life. Plans to let patients borrow the robots to use at home are underway.

3 Sales-Boosting Techniques by Adding New Value to Old Products

The current market is fiercely competitive with a wide array of products and services. Chula Business School professor recommends three simple ways to make products and services stand out and touch consumers’ hearts by adding new value to boost sales.

Chula Develops the First 3-Gene RT-LAMP COVID-19 Test Kit in Thailand – An Accurate, Affordable, Accessible Solution

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Naraporn Somboonna, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, revealed another success milestone in COVID-19 testing with the RT-LAMP method that can detect the virus similar to the RT-PCR test, but this newly developed RT-LAMP method tests for three genes to cover the life cycle of the virus, making it highly sensitive, simple and cheaper than the RT-PCR test.

A Breakthrough in Probiotic Therapy – Personalized Probiotics (Dispensing) Machine for a Balanced and Enhanced Immune System

MED-CU has invented a Personalized Probiotics (Dispensing) Machine to deliver live microorganisms that have health benefits to treat patients with unclear health problems and those with microbial imbalances or “dysbiosis”.

IUPAC Names Chula Professor Dr. Supawan Tantayanont One of the Distinguished Women in Chemistry in 2021

Professor Dr. Supawan Tantayanont, one of the 2021 Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering awarded by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), opens up about her inspiration in the development of chemistry courses that merit this international recognition, how she maintains her work-family-life balance, as well as her efforts to promote the younger generation’s interest in science education throughout Thailand and ASEAN.

Hydro-Nanogel, an Innovative Bath-substituting Product for Clean, Cuddly, and Healthy Pets

Give your pets smooth skin and a clean scent without a bath with Hydro-Nanogel from Chula Veterinary Science (CUVET). Great for pet care when they are not allowed to bathe, and your four-legged friends that hate taking a bath, the Hydro-Nanogel is poised to be further developed for bedridden patients.

Is Your Alcohol Sanitizer Safe and Effective? Chula’s Pharmaceutical Science Has Developed a User-friendly and Rapid Test Kit to Keep People Away from COVID-19.

Chula Pharmaceutical Science helps increase public confidence to keep COVID-19 at bay with their new test kit to verify the safety and efficacy of hand sanitizers and alcohol-based gel and spray products.

Personal Data Protection for COVID-19 Patients in Sri Lanka and Thailand

Chula researchers have revealed the impacts of the coronavirus outbreaks on personal data protection and confidence in the government, which resulted inthe concealment of information by infected people, that hindered the mitigation of the pandemic.  The governmentsmust educate the public and create awareness ofpeople’s legal rights.

Chronic Kidney Disease is Curable if Detected Early – Chula’s User-friendly CKD Screening Strips with Results in 15 minutes!

A Chula research team has developed a screening strip kit to detect the early stage of chronic kidney disease (CKD) that’s easy to use, yields quick results, increasing the chance of being cured for patients, and helping to cut over 10 billion baht of the ever-increasing annual healthcare costs for CKD patients. The CKD screening strip kits are expected to be released early next year.

7 Ideas for Fun Online Teaching, Great Tips from CU Demonstration School

CU Demonstration School’s teachers share their tried and tested methods for flexible and fun online teaching to promote learning for both teachers and students in the New Normal.

“Roadmap and Life Tools for the New Generation” – Chula’s Latest Course to Prepare Students for a Turbulent World

First time in Thailand! Chula’s “Roadmap and Life Tools for the New Generation”, a world-class program accredited by Stanford University, is ready to be offered to teach students the needed skills to design their life and the mindset for working with others so that they can build the future and society.

Nano Herbal Medicine by Chula Veterinary Science for Dandy and Healthy Gamecocks

Chula Veterinary Science lecturer came up with nano herbal products for gamecocks’ skincare and health booster that help treat fungal infection, chicken mites, and parasites, with an aim to expand the use to commercial chicken farming, cosmetic industry, and human dermatological drugs.

Chula Leads a Participative Research for the Next Century of Bangkok Train Station (Hua Lamphong) as a Creative Economy Hub Linking Culture and Commerce

Faculty members of Chula’s Faculty of Education collaborate with academicians from four academic institutions to research the future of “Hua Lamphong” as a creative space to preserve the history and culture linking the old town and the new commercial district, after the railway hub moved to Bang Sue Central Station.

Quick MBA for SMEs – Chula’s Intensive and Practical Training for Business Survival during the COVID-19 Crisis

The recently-concluded and successful “Quick MBA for SMEs” social project from Chula that brought knowledge to the living room of four groups of SMEs entrepreneurs: food businesses, hotels & accommodation, health, and fashion, to help them adapt and survive the COVID-19 crisis. Watch past episodes to revive and empower your business today.

Turn Your Free Time into Income with “Wang”, An AI/ML Platform by Chula Students

How wonderful would it be if we can make money in our free time while helping researchers enhance AI efficiency at the same time? This is the idea that came to the mind of two young engineers from Chulalongkorn University who successfully developed ‘Wang’ (Free), a multi-award-winning platform that matches your free time with business opportunities and creates benefits for society. Various innovation awards guarantee the platform is the best startup.

Chula’s encouragement and support for research is excellent for teachers, students, and the public.

Associate Professor Dr. Suchana Chavanich Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University