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Sleep motion analyzer

Sleep motion analyzer

Project undertaken by: Prof. Dr. Roongroj Bhidayasiri and Dr. Jirada Sringuen

About research: Sleep motion analyzer for Parkinson’s patients. Bradykinesia is a major symptom in Parkinson’s patients and can occur both during day and night sleeping, but especially at night, where the patients have a hard time turning over. This causes difficulties in getting out of bed and to experience less than normal motion during sleep. Previous studies revealed that the incidence of reduced motion during sleep was principally found in Parkinson’s patients (96%), with only 4% in non-Parkinson’s elderly people. The seriously reduced motion during sleep causes major problems, such as bedsores, accidents (such as falling out of bed) and pneumonitis from suffocation, etc.


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Prof. Dr. Pornanong Aramwit Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University