Technology platform establishment in lactic acid fermentation for the bioplastic industry

Project undertaken by: The Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Chulalongkorn University

Partner: PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited

About research: The Pilot Scale Fermentation Group has a strong research collaboration with the PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited since 2009 to establish an industrial fermentation platform to produce lactic acid as the feedstock in bioplastic (Polylactic acid; PLA) industry. We have isolated and modified bacteria specifically producing lactic acid. Compared to known industrial strains, our bacterial isolate is one of the world’s best strains since it yields a high lactate productivity and is suitable for industrial fermentation. Moreover, we have also established the fermentation platform that is viable from the laboratory scale towards industrial production, being established so far at pilot scale fermentation. Collaboration between our group and the company involves research agreement, licensing, university-industrial linkage program, technology transfer and technology validation.


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