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Bachelor of Engineering in Nano Engineering (International Program) (NANO)


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  • The First and Foremost Engineering Institute of the Kingdom
  • World-Class Program and Faculty
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities and Campus in the Heart of Bangkok
  • Abundance of Research Funding
  • Worldwide Student Exchange Partnerships – 161 Partners in 24 Countries



Chula International School of Engineering

Building 2, Faculty of Engineering

Chulalongkorn University

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Launched in 2005, Nano Engineering program (NANO) is a multi-disciplinary scheme offered by Chula International School of Engineering (ISE) to develop and produce world-class international engineers who are equipped with cutting-edge skills and knowledge to address global and local challenges. Our graduates will have strong background in biomedical chemical, electrical, and materials engineering on the nanoscale to meet the needs of ever-increasing global competition in manufacturing and service industries.

Globalization implies competition in the international arena in all aspects of business. Manufacturing and service industries are particularly affected by the drive to find the cheapest suppliers and most knowledgeable workers. Only companies or nations that take full advantage of advanced technology are well-equipped to answer the needs of 21st-century consumers. Nanotechnology is one of such advances that can, and will, impact all manufacturing sectors. The service industries thus need to keep pace with advances in nanotechnology if they are to provide customers with the most cutting-edge and efficient solutions, such as nanochip solutions to biomedical or telecommunications service providers.

Chula Engineering’s innovative education curricula have been developed under the Chula Engineering Education 4.0 Paradigm which encompasses student development in four key areas: Knowledge, Personal Skill, Interpersonal Skill and Design Thinking in order to ensure that Chula Engineering’s graduates are well equipped and ready to be the future leaders of the industry and society.

Upon completion of their degree, our graduates form a unique and important human resource pool, capable of driving manufacturing and service providers in high-tech industries to ensure their success in the 21st Century.  They can be relied upon for their strong scientific knowledge, practical engineering skills and effective management skills required to lead organizations into the increasingly competitive world.

Nano Engineering curriculum offers two majors in Bioengineering and Advanced Material Engineering.  All students have to decide on their field in the third semester. Each student is required to accumulate a minimum of 146 credits to graduate for Bachelor of Engineering Program in Nano-Engineering (International Program) which also includes 2 credits of industrial training and 4 credits of senior project. For more information, visit program page here.

WHY this program
at Chula


The First and Foremost Engineering Institute of the Kingdom

The International School of Engineering (ISE) was established in 2005 by the Faculty of Engineering of Chulalongkorn University (Chula Engineering) to provide interdisciplinary knowledge with international experience.  ISE is regionally recognized as the most preferred (Top Choice) International Engineering School in ASEAN.

The Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University or Chula Engineering, recognized as one of the top 5 engineering institutes in Southeast Asia, is the first engineering institute of the Kingdom.  It was established by King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) in 1913 in honor of his father, King Chulalongkorn the Great.  Since its inception over a century ago, Chula Engineering has cultivated a strong intellectual culture at its foundation upon which a strong intellectual community has been nurtured.  Our vision for the future is build world-class engineer for innovative society.  Today, Chula Engineering Alumni spanned the breadth and depth of the Thai Economy reinforcing the long tradition of building strong and dependable leaders for the country from a solid foundation laid down over a century ago to its mission to build innovative education, research, and engineers.  Chula Engineering is building innovative society for the 21st Century. Learn more…


World-Class Program and Faculty

Today, Chula Engineering is a world-class comprehensive engineering school offering degrees in over 15 engineering fields ranging from traditional to cutting-edge fields of Engineering.  Over 4,000 of the best minds from every corner of Thailand and many foreign countries are enrolled in Chula Engineering’s bachelor program and another 2,000 in its master and doctoral programs. Over 300 dedicated faculty members, most of whom, hold doctoral degrees from world-renowned institutes, personally and passionately nourish the growth and progress of each individual student.


State-of-the-Art Facilities and Campus in the Heart of Bangkok

Centrally located in downtown Bangkok, Chula Engineering campus is within walking distance from public transportation. Outstanding services and facilities, including advanced research and teaching facilities, world-class athletic facilities, central and special libraries.  IT connectivity and high-standard international housing are available to serve the community.


Abundance of Research Funding

With its outstanding performance and strong ties to industry partners, Chula Engineering attracts significant research funding from government and private companies including multinationals. Our research and development works have both ensured the sustained development of Thailand’s economy and opened new frontiers in engineering.


Worldwide Student Exchange Partnerships – 161 Partners in 24 Countries

With over 161 partners in over 24 countries, Chula Engineering engages in many international activities ranging from exchange of students, staff and faculty members, international network, symposiums and conferences, joint research collaborations to double degree programs.

International School of Engineering (Chula ISE) has developed a broad range of student exchange partnerships with other universities around the world. Our Student Exchange Program provides outstanding foreign and Thai students an opportunity to establish meaningful relationships.

All courses taken by exchange students at each institution are taught in English. Our students get the opportunity to learn and study different languages while on exchange, but knowledge of these languages is not required for participation in the program. Learn more…

Career Opportunities

NANO program graduates are knowledgeable in chemical, electrical and materials engineering which are the fundamental building blocks of nanotechnology.  Upon graduation, students will be a unique and important human resource pool capable of developing many manufacturing and service industries and taking them to the next level.

Examples of industries that require engineers with nanoengineering skills include chemical, medical, biomedical, electrical and electronics, agricultural, automobile, petrochemical, textile and clothing. The students will possess problem-solving and analytical skills typical of engineers and at the same time have a deep understanding of sciences and materials, especially ones with size scale in the nanometer range. These will be necessary for providing industries with solutions that are novel and better than existing ones.


For program and course details, click here.

Admission Requirements

1. Applicants must have completed high school, passed an equivalent high school standard test, or be currently in their final year of high school (Grade 12 in the US system or year 13 in the British system).

2. Applicants must achieve the prescribed minimum score in the following tests:

2.1. English proficiency test:

  • TOEFL (Paper-based)not lower than 550; or
  • TOEFL (Internet-based) not lower than 79; or
  • IELTS not lower than 6.0; or 
  • CU-TEP not lower than 80         

2.2. Mathematics tests:

  • SAT (Math)not lower than 620 (each) and SAT Subject (Math Level II) not lower than 600 (each);or
  • CU-AAT (Math)not lower than 480; or A Level (Mathematics)not lower than B; or
  • IB (Mathematics) HL not lower than 6

2.3. Science Proficiency tests:

  • SAT II (Physics and Chemistry) not lower than 600 (each); or
  • CU-ATS not lower than 800; or
  • A Level (Physics and Chemistry)not lower than B; or
  • IB (Physics and Chemistry) HL not lower than 6

3. Applicants who meet only 2 out of the 3 requirements from item 2 must still achieve the minimum score in item 3.

3.1. Applicants must achieve the prescribed minimum score in any one of the following English Proficiency tests:

  • TOEFL (Paper-based) not lower than 500;or
  • TOEFL (Internet-­based)- not lower than 61; or
  • IELTS not lower than 5.5; or
  • CU-­TEP not lower than 61

3.2. Applicants must achieve the prescribed minimum score in any one of the following Mathematics tests:

  • SAT (Math)not lower than 590 (each); and SAT Subject (Math Level II) not lower than 570 (each); or
  • CU-AAT (Math) not lower than 455; or
  • A Level (Mathematics)not lower than B; or
  • IB (Mathematics) HL not lower than 6

3.3. Applicants must achieve the prescribed minimum score in any one of the following Science Proficiency tests:

  • SAT II (Physics and Chemistry) not lower than 570 (each);or
  • CU-ATS not lower than 760; or
  • A Level (Physics and Chemistry) not lower than B; or
  • IB (Physics and Chemistry) HL not lower than 6

*College code for submitting SAT I and SAT II scores is 6806 – CHULALONGKORN U INTERNATIONAL SCHL OF ENGINEERING

The official score report of the tests in 2. and 3. is valid only when the tests were taken not more than two years of the application deadline.

For full details of Admission Requirements, please visit our Admission Criteria Page here.


Chula International School of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Chulalongkorn University

Building 2, Faculty of Engineering

254 Phayathai Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

+66 2218 6422 to 4


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