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Ph.D. Program in Orthodontics (International Program)
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The Ph.D. Program in Orthodontics (International Program) is a joint doctoral degree program between Chula’s Faculty of Dentistry (CU) and Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU).  The program is a combination of clinical and research studies.  In this program, students will achieve an insight didactic knowledge in both basic and advanced clinical science and develop expertise in conducting research and competency in performing clinical work.  

The duration of study is a minimum of 5 consecutive years during which students attend lectures, seminars and undertake clinical coursework in their first, and third to fifth years. In their second year, students will conduct research at TMDU in Japan.  Both CU and TMDU will issue the degree of Doctor of Philosophy to students who complete all the degree requirements and pass all examinations.  The students need to pass their thesis proposal and their thesis examinations as well. Finally, their theses have to be published in acceptable international journals.  For more information, check out our Youtube channel here

The economic and social development, specifically, the opening of free trade among ASEAN communities in 2015 has brought about freedom in medical, dental and nursing education and high competition in the education and services in medical areas. There is a possibility for some of the ASEAN countries who have great potential and standards in medical education, e.g. Singapore, Malaysia to offer medical education in Thailand. Such development would pose a threat to educational institutions in Thailand causing brain drain of qualified lecturers and unfair advantages in the selection and recruitment of students with purchasing power who would  like to study in international institutions.  Therefore, to help people prepare for their career in ASEAN, our international program will provide them with an alternative, and motivate the professors to challenge their full potential without having to move to a new institution, while expanding the students’ perspectives and for them to keep abreast with the education of international standards.

Therefore, the joint doctoral degree program between Chula’s Faculty of Dentistry and Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) is a response to the abovementioned development.

WHY this program
at Chula


Keep Your Competitive Edge with the Changing World

The launch of Ph.D. Degree in Orthodontics marks our progress and dedication to the field.  We have been continuously developing the curriculum as a continuation of our M.Sc. Degree, and our Advanced Diploma program in Clinical Science.  Having extended period of time in the program will help fostering cooperation between the faculties and the students in coming up with cutting-edge research and development as well as complex treatment plans.


Be in the Forefront of the Field

In keeping with Chula’s mission, our Ph.D. Program will help produce specialists in the field of dentistry to help lead the academic field and research in Orthodontics.  The will be the keystone in disseminating knowledge in advanced techniques in Orthodontics, and caregiving for patients with complex cases which often pose challenges to the majority of orthodontists.  Moreover, our graduates can be the leaders in their organizations to come up with research projects that would benefit the society.

Career Opportunities

  • Professor/Researcher in educational institutions relating to Orthodontics
  • Researcher in the field of Orthodontics in research both governmental and private research institutes
  • Orthodontist


Qualification of Applicants

  1. Hold a D.D.S or B.D.S or D.M.D. degree with honors (cum laude) from Chulalongkorn’s Faculty of Dentistry; equivalent from universities accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education or the Civil Service Commission; or universities in foreign countries which are accredited by authorities in respective countries.  Applicants should be licensed to practice in countries from which they graduate.
  2. Have at least one year of working experience in dental practice.
  3. Meet English proficiency tests requirements mandated by Chula.
  4. Possess qualifications in compliance with the Graduate School (to be announced yearly). The Program Administrative Committee (PAC) reserves the rights to consider other qualifications deemed eligible for applications.

Duration of Study

The Ph.D. Program takes 10 semesters and 3 summer session. An academic year consists of 2 semesters of schedule classes plus a summer session, as follows;

  • 1st Semester August – December
  • 2nd Semester January – May
  • Summer Session June – August


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